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sent us this picture of the flooding in the hospital's parking garage. you can see just how serious it got. 3 let's go to meteorologist emily gracey for a breakdown... breakdown... of exactly what's happening with these storms tonight. 3 first on fox, someone slams into a new baltimore county speed camera lifting it's entire foundation out of the ground. ground. janice park joins us now to show us the damage. damage.hi jeff,police say what happened in pikesville was áno accident.instead, they say someone jumped a curb...then used thier car to rip this speed camera out of concrete. it happened tuesday n smith avenue.police are still looking for the person who used thier car as a disable a county speed camera that had only been up for about a week.this latest attack...follows several other violeet speed camera attacks over the past year.a fox 5 viewer snapped a picture of a burning speed camera in downtown baltimore. and in linthicum an armed man emerged from the woods...startling a speed camera truck worker with shotgun and sledgehammer: 3 "totally out of the gro
nearll 200-thousand people remain without power wearing thin. thin.paul gessler joins us live from a section of nortt baltimore going on 71 hours without electricity.paul? this tree came craahing down into the front yarr of the home here on cedarcroft far as the homeowner knows, the home is not damaged.she is, like many still in this neighborhood, though, without power. this neighborhood is just too the east of york road in north baltimore.many people tell us they are coping with thh heat by sleeping in theirrbasements with candles and flashliihts. the homeowner here tells us she's wwiting to hear from them and the tility company "somebody has to be last, i'll put it that way. if it's me, that's the way it ii, but i certainly would have likeddto seee a quicker response." response.""yeah. it's very frustrating. bbcause, we're living in limbo. we just don't know from one day to the next because therees no activity." reporter describes what it is cues photographer to show daakness.reporting from show darkness. reporting from
400 rounds of ammunition. ammunition. (maj. bergin) "at that point, atf was on the scene with us along with members of the pg county's police department.. and we turned that investigation also over to the atf." prescott has been under mental evaluation at anne arundel medical center for most of the day. we just checked tonight.. and police still have not charged him with a crime yet. but again, he is in custody. live in crofton, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition. a... 67-year-old man... faces... charges... after stabbing a man... at... a post office... in silver spring. witnesses say... the suspect... did not... like that the man.. who... stepped out of line... to do business.../ was allowed to get back... to the front of the line... when he was finished..../ so... the suspect pulled a knife... as the man was leaving..../ and... the... two began fighting.../. two... employees... are credited... for breaking up the fight... after... spraying them both... with... pepper spray..../ the... victim's... in serious condition
- melinda roeder - fox 45 news, late edition. that brings us to our question of the you think preparations for the baltimore grand prix will go more smoothly this year? most of you who responded on our facebook page tonight aren't convinced thing will be much better. 3 go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. 3 its a good day for fighting back. a bike stolen from a disabled child... in hagerstown has been recovered. recovered."and we were watching the 10 o'clock news.. fox 45 and when i saw it i started pushing my wife i said look at this theres that bike" bike" boyd wood... saw this photo... on... craigs list...//. the... bike was stolen ...from... seven year old... ethan paugh...// who... has... a... genetic disorder..../ a... dundalk shop... posted the photo... on consignment... for... a... regular customer. .../ police... are... tracking down... that man,.../ while... the bike,... its being transported
't know the outage ut - existtd and the custtmer did not call us back to lettus know" know." crews are expected to ave the community tonight. in the meters' are in ays whhn smart - place....they'll llow the utility to better identifyy thess isolated outages. peff abell, fox 45, news late edition. because of bge's esponse to problems....///ore... than... 700-thousand people... lost ower... because of... last month's... stormm...../ii... took... more han a week... to get everrone back nline.../.the.. hharings ...will be held... september 13th ...and 11th ... at... the... schhefer tower in baltiiore.../. balttmore.../....for more details.../ go to our website... / fox-ballimore dot com slash newslinks &ptwo... state senators... want regulators... to fiie b.g.e.... for... those... outages. outages.more than ... &p 700-thousand ressdents.. lost power... after thaa storm.../ some... for... up to a week...//. senatorr.. public serricecommission... to fine b.g.e.../ pnd... wants... a... "surge reserve"... to... pay for... &padditi
sentence of 1 year.his probably beeout in three and that brings us to our question of the you think the punishment for those involved in the st. patrick's day beating was fair? response to this queetion on our facebook page.... many of you thought the sentences weren't tough enough.join the debate by going to facebook dot com slash fox balttmore. &pthe staaes attorney's office is reviewwng the case of a accuseddof lying on his workers compensation claim. claim.this is the ssene last fata said he was shot by a y - suspect in a downtown parkiig garageebut prosecutors think he shot, the staae says homicide cases that fata worked on, could be jeopardized beeause f his credibility. and new developments innthe case against anne arundel county eeecctive john leopold. a judge hassruled the rial innestigate his poliiical il to enemies... and run personal errands like takinn him to secret rendezvous with wooen. charges weren't specific he enough nd wanted them thrown put.but the judge disagreed. authoritiee continue to investigate a fire that claimed the life of an anne arun
us know what you're doing to clean up the streets of your neighborhood. the number is 410-662-1456. 3 her recovery tonight is being called a miracle.a young woman headed to the university of maryland college park, found herself one of the shooting victims in aurora. aurora.we first learned about petra anderson, through this youtube video put out by her sister chloe.anderson was headed to graduate school in just a few weeks to study music.but she was shot 4 times, including the face.what should have been the fatal bullet, instead traveled all the way through her skull missing all the vital areas. doctors say the bullet traveled through a small channel that turned out to be a life saving birth defect. "so that's why we are reaching out to you, the people that have asked us what you can do to help, and so we can have an immense impact on the families that have been impacted by this tragedy as well" well"anderson's mother also has terminal breast find out how you can help the anderson family, just head to our web site slash newslinks. dii taxpayers pay for the g
..../scott ... sent. .. us... this picture... of a large cloud of smoke... from the fire... on... eastern boulevard...near the back river water treatment plant.../.hazmat...crews ...were also ... called to scene.../ one... firefighter... was treated ... for... heat- related problems. when.../ news hits your neighborhood.../ see it.. shoot it.. send it.. ááuploadáá photos and videos to foxbaltimore dot com../ ááclickáá on. the see it shoot it, send it. icon./ ááalsoáá... send photos from your cell to "pics at foxbaltimore dot com." city crews ... have been working all day... to reeair.. a... downtown ... water main break../ that... buckled... part of light street. street. water... began gushing... from the pavement ... just before... rush hour... last evening... / leaving ... a... big sinkhole.../. now, ... crews ...must replace ...two aging pipelines..../ the... oldest one... was installed in 1889.../. it's... estimated... the work ...will take... four weeks..../ but...
colorado...sandra endo ... takes us ... thru... what happened... early this morning morning there is at least one person that's been shot but there are hundreds of people just running around.chaos and panic following a shooting at a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises."authorities say a man propped open an exit door to theater nine at this aurora, colorado, cinema and threw in a smoke canister before allegedly unleashing a spray of gunfire on unsuspecting moviegoers.all you can hear is just gunfire left and right. every time someone would try to get out of the way he would just shoot them. he didn't have a specific agenda, he was just shooting people eft and right. medical responders say they had the infrastructure in place to deal with so many casualties at once because of another infamous colorado shooting.we learned some lessons from columbine so we were probably better prepared for that type of event than we were at that enforcement sources identify the suspect as 24-year-old james holmes.officers searched his car and evacuated the apartment complex whe
returning following orientation. cameron hoped to use his culinary skills and one day run his own restaurant. 9:44:43 the whole senior class when they graduated they were tightly connected to those two they had a positive impact on the kids that were around them and the classes they were in as troopers in west virginia continue to look into this accident.... the families of those who lost loved ones... turn to their faith for strength.9:41:01 i pray every night and just hope god will pull us through... troopers are retrieving information from everyone's cell phone in hopes it may offer some insight. 3 good day... for... a police officer... who stopped ... a... wrong way ... driver.../ driver.../ this.. is.... dashcam video... of... the... driver...///. state trooper... doug cropper ... pulled over... a truck... on... 295... about... a month ago.../ when... he... got a call... about a car ...going the wrong... way..../// the... car,... driven by... 88-year-old... kenneth gill... kept going.../
to three years ii prison..federal prosectors say the she actually used super glue..... tookeep the non-mediccl silicone from leaking out out kimberly smedley left court today shielded by family members. overr n 8 year period.....smedley traveled up and own the east coast injecting women who wanted enhance their figures with illegal silicone. records show meet with customer... in hotel rooms. one client hwever from baltimore ended up in the hospital. doctors found silicone on the sides and bottom of her lungs. 5:30 bite plus vo f hotel after sot a former d-c copp will be seetenced next week for his role in the scheme. he provided security for smedley in many of the hotels where she gave the injections. maryland, claims the life of a teenager drive.three of his friends are now in the hospittl. happened early this morning - - along columbia road,... near fairway hills.the 17-year-old driver lost control of his car and slaamed into a tree.rescue crews had to cut at least one person out from the wreckage. three passengers were all rushed to shock trauma... where they rema
. thattbrings us to our question of the daa.knowing thht the baltimore grand prixxis not expected to make aaprofit this should go ahead with the race? here's a look at our facebook page...still a lively discussion about this one tonight...many of you saaing that the city should not go ahead with the race if it will discussion by going to - faccbook dot com slash fox- baltimoree a former priiccpal of chesapeake high school in anne arundel county is found are chaaged with killiig him. 76-year-old william norman floating in a canal in davie, florida last thursday.his head was covered by a plastic bag with tappewrapped around it. 19- year- olds ádavid desirá are charged with his murder.according to recordss.. weintraub lived in a house owned by norman in tamarac... just about 10- miles from whhee his body was found.he norman... 27-36"you see it on the news and papers all the ime - but you doo't think it's going to happen to someone you deserves that but especially nnt omeooe like him." him."129-133"it bothhrs me a lot. little punks taking on a 76 year old man." &ppan..the sun sentinel r
. ...and in was a cool 91 today and that brings us to our question of the day.would you rather deal with extreme heat or bitter cold.? cold.? this is our facebook page... and this question started a big debate...more in......and many of you are - lot of you want the cold weather right now...but a few of you like it hot.join the discussion by going to facebook dot commslash fox- baltimore police need yyur help fighting back help a family, searching for the man who killed 11 year old terrence andersoo in may. may.police are looking for the man you see here in black. investigators say this is the suspect they're looking for...a man seen buying snacks before he shot annerson in the happpeed at the 600 blook of north euttw street. the victim's family says the teen was working two jjbs, in college:s of paying for - "i know if he was here riggt now, we'd be going through the goals we said we would do, wish he waa here,,wish he was here" 3 hhre"metro crimestoppers is offering a tww thousand dollar fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime map
into promotion and that is really gonna help us with this > race..> <"we're getting rid of a few things that slowed the cars down... going into that hairpin down the end there."> there."> individual... day tickets... for the grand prix.. also went on sale today. in... annapolis.../ talk... about the possiblity... of... another... special session... to... expand gamb. gambling.governor .. o'malley... met today... with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake...and... some... county executives...//. supporters.. want legalize... black-jack... and poker../. and... build... annther casiio... at the national harbor.../ in... p.g. county. ...///but.. one delegate...says... this... doen't... justify... another special session. (george) "if we wants to call it in august, you're talking about four months later we're meeting again in regular session, we can deal with the issue much more fully at that t" time." governor o'malley... hopes... to... make a decision... on... a special session... within... ten days. a... plan keep... a... closer eye ...on city government .
...........but now to help gee people bacc in the llght. light. keith danielss joins us live from glen burnie where the new arrivals could &pmean reeief for ttose frustrated people who are still without ower...keith. power...keith. we're live n dorsey road near the airport...... this is the staging rea for they've got f..... their trailers, utility trucks and other equipment to hhlp local crews get the job done. done. b-g-e reports that all of their out-of-state crews are now ii place. we saw a lot them gather at b-w-i marshall airport earlier today. the gooernor says the number of out-of-state crews has now doubled from 1- thousand to 2-thousand. that's help for neighborhoods like this one in woodlawn.. where several huge trees have dropped on power lines.. and left several homes without power... since friday. it's a neighborhood sttll waiting for b-g-e crews. and tonighh, residents say they're tired, hot and frustrat. frustratee. (mr..cross) "the most how they responded to this area and not the biggess &pmess....""ms. weathers) "the &ponnfirst. then the middle class
... watching them ... in... áyourá... interest.../.janice... park ...joins us.. ...with ... that... lawmaker's solution... janice janice jeff, the state agency is caaled the maryland public service ommission or the p-s-c...we spoke today with the montgomery county councilman, who started the petition you see here. his goal is to fire every member of the p-s-c. from storms of the the recent mass outages n june.councilman hans riemer says residents in md are fed up.he says utility companies are monopolies...only because they're regulated by the p-s-c. riemer says that slow response failing of the p-s-c...the state aggncy who should be protecting the average citizen. so far, the online petition has been signed by 34 hundred people. it calls for the governor to start over, and replace everyone in the state agency with people who will work for the consumer: "the regulators are responsible and we who sign this petition know it's their job to protect us" we contacted the maryland public service commision...and this was their response:"the governor may only removeea commissio
use.../ finally... get... relief. a... city audit... revealed... that customers... have been oveecharged... by... nine million dollars.../.the... city... cites many... problems.../ including... faulty meters.../ and...human error.../.but... the... head of baltimore's... bureau of waterr../ is... telling the mayor.../ the... problem... is,...being corrected. (mayor) "these problems did not develop overnight and therefore we all know it will take time to correct, however this administration, my administration is committed to invest in improving this vital resource." customers... have received... more than... four million dollars in refunds..../but ...many other residents... are... still extra... five million.../ school's out for summer, but but theives are hard at work. from classrooms to stadiums... paul gessler reports the thieves are targeting schools. schools. it looks like business as usual for the broadneck bruins. (nats: "lawnmowers")workers are getting the field ready for the 20-12 season.high above, though, the friday night light
with . by - colorful handprints.the more than 880 dealers across the u.s. to raiseeawareness pbout, they handed over a check for 75-thousand dollars.... bringing their total donaaionn to 57 million nationwide ... the money will suuport the research of dr. eric raabe "ii: my particular grrnt is studying pediatric brain tumors.... oq: to iiprove our therapies for theee type of tum. tumors. hopp on wheels has donated 560 thousaad dollars to opkins since 2005. crews in columbus, ohio battled a massive fire aboard a derailed freight train early this morning. morning.the train jumped its tracks juss befooe two.four áde- natured alcooolá and e - fire crews attacked the flames - &pthey knewwwhat was burning. people living withii a one evacuated, but hazmat crews say thereeis nn risk of coottmination.theecause of the derrilment is under investigation. 3 is another sccrcher hhaded for ? baltimore? let's go to meteorologist ttny pagnotti for a look at what's pow.ening now. 3 "make that booty pop..." pop..." common sense says, this iss't for six year olds. why this boys parents ar
in a car crash in west virginia this past saturday..... karen parks was there and tells us hundreds showed up at the students former high school in middle river.... river.... close to 200 people..... most of them students gathered at eastern tech high to remember two best friends killed in a car crash this past weekend in west virginia...//take vo// tonight's candlelit vigil started with prayer from tavon frisby and cameron shields.....afterwards....33 minutes of silence... they were coming from orientation at the university of charleston saturday afternoon....both were starting classes there this fall... while frisby was driving along i-79 investigators say he somehow crossed the median into the southbound lanes.... both were from middle river....and attended high school at eastern tech...//take sot// 3 i believe tavon was vp of student just shows how much they were loved at the school.... school.... 3 details of the funeral arrangements can be found on our website at 3 one... of the ...anonymous victims... of... jerry sandusky..
using the catalist data [the rofessor testified] anda"aa&i found identified by catalist as black, white oo hispanic identified themselves in the race projected by catalist."e rosenberg says: "if there was a perception that catalist was cooking the books in any way, you know,,they would llse all their clients, right? i pean this is -- they're all about integrity."" perhaps; but a look at catalist's website shows they the firm says its mission is "to provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate withhthe people they need toopersuade and clients include every ajor power ppayer on the left, from the democratic house and &psenate campaign committees to emily's list and planned parenthood to the 2008 obama campaign. house judiciary committee chairman lamar smith, a republican áfromá texas, wrote today to attorney general older asking why such aa openly partisan firm was engaged to provide data for an ostensibly non- partisan agency.smith says: "if the tables were ttrned, parties and republican candidates, repub
.the reel estate webbite trulia" finds u-s rents rose an averrge of 5-ppint-44pprcent over the last 12 monthh. in some areas... like san francisco... tte increase was much higher.renners there wwre paying nearly á15-percentá more than they did a year earlier.analystt say the large number of former homeowners displaccd by foreclosurr have homes and apartments... and that's sent rent prices soariig. meanwhile, it's a great day for ppnda's head of the plympics.more thhn a hundred costumed pandas performed a dance toddy in the middle f traaalgar square.pandas are one of the world's moss endangered pecies, with less than sixteen-hundred in the wild today. bb eelly difficult to breed in captivity, but the chenggu world have cracked the problem and now there's around 400 in captivityy so they''e starting to bbereintroduced back into conssrvation uccess story.'' story.''the ceeter started out with ooly six pandas ... now, &ptherees a total of 108 - the same number reflected in todaa's peeformanne. least ánotá a stormy fourthh of july. july. let's go to vytas whht's happening no
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21